Gattuso vs Manchester

Pubblicato il 10 mag 2007
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AC Milan
AC Milan
Commenti: 674  
  • Marco Caracciolo

    Marco Caracciolo

    6 anni fa

    Sempre nel cuore! Gattuso è stato il simbolo di un milan combattivo ma pulito che ha regalato alla società e ai tifosi di tutto il mondo emozioni incredibili! Ce ne vorrebbero tanti così

  • Patrick Mattes

    Patrick Mattes

    4 anni fa

    2006-2006 CL. Man Utd vs. AC Milan. 1st year really followed Serie A. Became Milan fan then and big part of it was the Defensive Triangle of Maldini, Nesta and Gattuso! Those 3 had endless amounts of energy, incredible skill, and worked brilliantly as a team. WOW!

  • YouTube User

    YouTube User

    3 anni fa

    Gattuso is bringing milan back to winning ways recently gattuso has been undefeated more than 10 games as a manager of ac milan what a legend❤

  • Marko Bekrikj

    Marko Bekrikj

    12 anni fa

    He is tough guy, he plays with his heart and soul. Respect for Rino! Forza Milan!

  • Abhinava Sadasivarao

    Abhinava Sadasivarao

    Anno fa

    Still remember this game like yesterday! Ringhio was without any doubt MOTM in both the legs!

  • Plati100


    Anno fa

    It feels so strange that this video was uploaded on its actual date, about an age ago, back when Milan was still Milan 😥🔴⚫

  • mx19idlewilder


    8 anni fa

    Playing in scottish premier league made him a hard man. But can't remember him being that hard against Roy Keane... and actually that was wise. Edgar Davids tried to be sly against Keane and he ended up eating grass...
    Still Gattuso was great warrior and I really liked him very much. We would suit Man United character. Every top team should have one warrior in the squad and Milan is world class team. Respect from United fan.

  • Nitin Gons

    Nitin Gons

    Am a United fan...I must say...this guy was like a wild bull!

  • Leonel Morales Escalante

    Leonel Morales Escalante

    4 anni fa

    Gattuso es el mejor jugador que a existido en esa posicion

  • otar67


    11 anni fa

    the one player id love to have on my team when we start a fight!!

  • stevierock77


    9 anni fa

    Amazing player, would of killed to have him at Manchester United.

  • Carchyhouse


    12 anni fa

    che partita.. mi vengono le lacrime solo a pensarci!!!!
    forza milan!

  • John49910110


    3 anni fa

    The most beautiful game of champions league

  • xxtranquilized


    13 anni fa

    i love him<3

    especially after fighting with ronaldo ahah :)

    he's amazing. great video, too! :)

  • theblacksnake


    8 anni fa

    Ronaldo humiliated by Gattuso  in that two games! He couldn' t even touch the ball!

  • Adrian Ruiz

    Adrian Ruiz

    13 anni fa

    he brings respect to the goal area, he is a ball recover, and brings energy and strength to the team. A real soccer fighter, well Football, futbol

  • legacy0100


    12 anni fa

    LOL LOVED the way he slaps the coach's face with excitement LOL

  • kirill broski

    kirill broski

    12 anni fa

    1:12 Rooney vs Gatusa both are great fighters.

    that was epic

  • Marten Bellamie

    Marten Bellamie

    12 anni fa

    it's gattuso he's a beats he fights for every ball.
    great player(Y)

  • Sedat Memeti

    Sedat Memeti

    8 anni fa

    Gatusoo Is RAMBO