Ronaldinho and Beckham. Best AC Milan football legends

Pubblicato il 5 gen 2009
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Ronaldinho and Beckham. Best AC Milan football legends.

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AC Milan
Commenti: 178  
  • dominiquelatine


    12 anni fa

    Beckham it seems like a generous man nice & simple man!! I love him always the best

  • Joel M

    Joel M

    10 anni fa

    0:11+ that's what I really want; watching Ronaldinho having replays of him talking/laughing - lovely... o_o

  • M5 E39

    M5 E39

    11 anni fa

    he´s so happy all the time haha ;)

  • emnakonrock


    10 anni fa

    ronaldinho and beckham r the best players ever :)

  • Vitor Lopes

    Vitor Lopes

    12 anni fa

    brasillll é o melhor dos melhor

  • Bmpassion


    12 anni fa

    giusto..sempre e nel cuore MILAN!!

  • armando paredes

    armando paredes

    10 anni fa

    ronaldinho EL MEJOR de todos los tiempos sin duda alguna ojala y aparezca otro igual antes de que yo muera pero muy dificil

  • mehrdad 576

    mehrdad 576

    2 anni fa


  • Mald1tu


    11 anni fa

    Ronaldinho deve ser o nº10, e Beckam nº23, as camisetas corretas.

  • MarioTol15


    12 anni fa

    Ronaldinho is my favorites player

  • Thomas Williams

    Thomas Williams

    10 anni fa

    Ronaldinho and Beckham are football gods!

  • SgtFinaldo


    12 anni fa

    Beckham made 5 adidas commercials with milan, and also featured heavily on their A.C. Milan TV.

    He spent a total of ten days publicising his joining of milan.

    It was a manufactured move, as was the galaxy deal, to stir up footballing interest in the states and to increase adidas profits in a country dominated by nike.

    And ronaldinho wasnt unhappy.

    He was selfishly seeking the limelight and barcelona was producing the likes of xavi, iniesta, messi and the godly henry.

    He couldnt take it.

  • Ponosen_Slovenec


    8 anni fa

    he isn't ugly, maybe only the teeth but he has style and he is handsome in my opinion!

  • Luke Verdi

    Luke Verdi

    13 anni fa

    There's talk that Milan has found something in his contract stating, if he WANTS he can stay at Milan if they're willing to offer him a contract.

  • devil97



  • TheJackinder


    12 anni fa

    beckham is such a nice guy

  • Fran Arauz

    Fran Arauz

    11 anni fa

    I love how Beckham's italian was being overdubbed in....italian.

  • Gustavo Adrián

    Gustavo Adrián

    2 anni fa

    11 years ago, how fast time goes by

  • latingirl042


    11 anni fa

    Beckham is a great player but people notice him mostly for his looks. The same goes with Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • metagear89


    12 anni fa

    grande ronaldinho