Highlights | Shamrock Rovers 0-2 AC Milan | Europa League 2020/21

Pubblicato il 16 set 2020
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Zlatan and Çalhanoğlu seal the deal for the win in Ireland: enjoy the highlights

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AC Milan
AC Milan
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  • Elmi eid Awdalawi

    Elmi eid Awdalawi

    Anno fa

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu player from another planet he always assist and score

  • Big Speve

    Big Speve

    Anno fa

    I don’t see anybody saying how well shamrock rovers played, what a game they gave ac milan a team that’s levels up them, respect

  • Mister Ree

    Mister Ree

    Anno fa

    Since zlatan came back, milan getting back on feet again. Really hope this season we can finish on top to enter UCL again.

  • YLMZ_F


    Anno fa

    Zlatan Çalhanoğlu

  • Adrian L

    Adrian L

    Anno fa

    I felt they could have bagged 2 more goals to really cement the performance. I know they’re working on building but the next round of fixtures will paint a better picture as they are equally vital to win. I’m very much looking forward to it especially after seeing that beauty of a goal by Hakan.

  • Michele Ferrante

    Michele Ferrante

    Anno fa

    Calhanoglu (Cam) is a beast

  • Ferhat K

    Ferhat K

    Anno fa

    Hakan calhanoglu icin gelenler bi kendilerini belli etsinler. Kral HC10

  • Tunahan Yıldırım

    Tunahan Yıldırım

    Anno fa

    İtalyanların Hakan Çalhanoğlu'na aşkı git gide büyüyor ❤

  • Chibuzo Okoye

    Chibuzo Okoye

    Anno fa

    Hakan's game has significantly improved.

  • im ferregular

    im ferregular

    Anno fa

    Man of The Match: Calhanoglu. no doubt.

  • Zai Fonnn

    Zai Fonnn

    Anno fa

    Crazy zlatan. With that age still can make some good run

  • Can Karaman

    Can Karaman

    Anno fa


  • MegaJDOG1995


    Anno fa

    Best of luck to Milan in the upcoming season and in the next round, Milan was certainly the better team but I would like to think considering the gulf in class we did well!

  • ViTo Sc

    ViTo Sc

    Anno fa

    Zlatan and of course Chalhanoglu 🔥🔥🔥

  • F4.01.Abdillah


    Anno fa

    amazing team, dominance at attack and defense

  • Mete


    Anno fa

    Çalhanoğlu 1gaol 1assists 🔟

  • Dwayne k27ism

    Dwayne k27ism

    Anno fa

    Hakan is such a great influence as an attacking midfielder! Can't wait for the Serie A season to commence so he can pour in more goals.

  • uAozzie


    Anno fa

    Hakan Calhanoglu only 79 rating in Fifa 21! EA is a joke company!!!

  • Subhan Mehdizade

    Subhan Mehdizade

    Anno fa

    Hopefully, Milan can save Chalhanoglu till his last match in his career. This guy could be better than we expect

  • Fehndyster Gates

    Fehndyster Gates

    Anno fa

    We need this kind of highlights from Milan account every after game