Highlights Liverpool Legends v Milan Glorie | Anfield, March 23rd, 2019

Pubblicato il 27 mar 2019
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An incredible day of football with the two Legends sides facing each other in a sold-out Anfield. An exciting match that saw the Rossoneri lose 3-2 after goals from Pirlo and Pancaro.

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AC Milan
AC Milan
Commenti: 718  
  • pezzo di pane

    pezzo di pane

    2 anni fa

    Pirlo nelle punizioni non ha perso il tocco magico,incredibile

  • danuracula


    2 anni fa

    It's good to see Pirlo in Milan's jersey...

  • Rohma Firdaus

    Rohma Firdaus

    Anno fa

    Kaka Pirlo Gerrard, I think they still can play today.

  • FryDieMine


    2 anni fa

    Milan VS Liverpool is the greatest rivalry in the UCL

  • Rocky Daud

    Rocky Daud

    2 anni fa

    better than 2019 milan squad

  • Massimiliano


    2 anni fa

    Pirlo is outstanding! He always scores on free kicks. What a legend!

  • Fernando Fierro

    Fernando Fierro

    Anno fa

    I love these matches so much there’s just so much love and no hate even Liverpool fans clapping for pirlo

  • fahri muhammad

    fahri muhammad

    2 anni fa

    Andrea Pirlo is free kick's maestro

  • Mahdi Bakkar

    Mahdi Bakkar

    Look at Gerrard!!!! What a goal!!! And Pirlo's free kick was amazing!

  • Debanga Barkataki

    Debanga Barkataki

    Anno fa


  • Paulo Shorty

    Paulo Shorty

    Anno fa


  • Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. ✨

    Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. ✨

    Anno fa

    And the funny thing is Ancelotti is still in the coaching career in 2020 .

  • Emre Ilgaz

    Emre Ilgaz

    Anno fa

    Imagine 9 years later we still see this line up



    Anno fa

    Watch this video time after time just to see Pirlo's free kick..It never gets old

  • Ukraine Kyiv

    Ukraine Kyiv

    2 anni fa

    Life is so fast... few years ago this man playing in Final & official matches...

  • Alisson Ariel

    Alisson Ariel

    2 anni fa

    Como faz falta esse time do Milan

  • Jose David Caballero

    Jose David Caballero

    Siento placer de volver a ver a pirlo con su verdadera camiseta, ¡la del Milan!

  • abd haris

    abd haris

    2 anni fa

    Pirlo still have the touch...

  • claudio oliveira

    claudio oliveira

    Anno fa


  • Raghav Raghu

    Raghav Raghu

    Anno fa

    We miss all these great players ❤️