Ibrahimović | Zlatan meets Zlatan's voice

Pubblicato il 31 mag 2021
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"There is only one Zlatan"... "But there are two voices" 😂

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AC Milan
AC Milan
Commenti: 927  
  • SHANE buiscuit

    SHANE buiscuit

    Zlatan's voice is so powerful it transformed into another man

  • Michael Holmgaard

    Michael Holmgaard

    They said nothing could kill Zlatan...

  • Str Gamer

    Str Gamer

    Zlatan once had a race with time. Time is still running

  • Michelangelo Corrias

    Michelangelo Corrias

    "I have no followers, only believers"

  • LorenzinoMMA


    Legend says that Zlatan once beat a mirror at Rock Paper Scissors.

  • Daniele Brogna

    Daniele Brogna

    Ahahahah bellissimo!

  • Adhitya


    When Zlatan’s phone rings in theatre, they pause the movie

  • Le lolo

    Le lolo

    They asked Zlatan how many push-up he could do, he said all of them.

  • Ahmad Yeinlmaz

    Ahmad Yeinlmaz

    when zlatan work out he dosen't get stronger the machine does

  • Sem Nome

    Sem Nome

    "Zlatan, you're fantastic"

  • Issa Syed Mahmood

    Issa Syed Mahmood

    "You might have the voice but not the looks"

  • kazhir crosby

    kazhir crosby

    When Zlatan is late to class , the class apologises for being early

  • V1ddV0dd JR

    V1ddV0dd JR

    Jesus could walk on water, Zlatan can swim through land

  • Jdm OG

    Jdm OG

    When Zlatan enters a room, the room exits through the door.

  • rickdsita


    Un applauso a nobilini che è riuscito a rimanere serio senza scoppiare a ridere.

  • Vaisakh PS

    Vaisakh PS

    When Zlatan was born, he patted the doctor's back

  • Vikk_ash2905


    When Zlatan's parents are afraid during nights they sleep in his room

  • Gourav Chakraborty

    Gourav Chakraborty

    Zlatan didn't miss the euros.. Euros missed zlatan...

  • Glenn Hampusson

    Glenn Hampusson

    Legends say zlatan once kicked the Earth and its still spinning

  • Danilo La Fauci

    Danilo La Fauci

    Grande Zlatan hai dimostrato affetto ai colori 🔴⚫🔴⚫ e per me anche quando non eri al Milan sei stato sempre l'attaccante più forte al mondo.