Gattuso & Ancelotti Epic moments. AC Milan Legends

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2007
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Gattuso & Ancelotti Epic moments. AC Milan Legends

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AC Milan
Commenti: 248  
  • timetraveller2017


    13 anni fa

    Ancelottis gotta be one of the coolest coachs out there

  • FIPPOR 37

    FIPPOR 37

    5 anni fa

    Vecchi tempi😔😢🔴⚫

  • Shad Bash

    Shad Bash

    Sooooo beautiful remember

  • ahkhim


    11 anni fa

    Gattuso - the Italian bulldog. Love him.

  • MizNelson


    14 anni fa

    My favorite part was Carlo with the sunglasses. :)

  • Teneka Ité

    Teneka Ité

    10 anni fa

    After Makelele he was one of my favorits Middle defender !!!

  • MetalHead1515


    13 anni fa

    Gattuso's voice isn't what I expected it to be! I thought he would sound like the Hulk!

  • Fahad


    11 anni fa

    the heart, the lion, the warrior and the weapon of ac Milan

  • Vitor Teixeira

    Vitor Teixeira

    12 anni fa

    o melhor trinco do mundo

  • Anti LGBTQ

    Anti LGBTQ

    Anno fa

    Anyone in 2020? 💪⚽

  • MenèCedè


    13 anni fa

    Gattuso è un boss!è un mito!!!

  • Sairam Sriram

    Sairam Sriram

    3 anni fa

    the guy would fit right in, as an underboss in Cosa Nostra

  • NumisVidz


    8 anni fa

    gattuso the legend

  • franco depp

    franco depp

    8 anni fa

    holly crap, gattuso's voice
    a beast with that voice

  • v i Rangers FC

    v i Rangers FC

    10 anni fa

    Great player want him back at rangers

  • wonka320


    10 anni fa

    Oh God, Nesta is sooo beautiful!

  • adi25lps


    10 anni fa

    Gattuso + Ancelotti = MILAN !!!

  • ZahFer


    10 anni fa

    Gatusso Aggresion : 99

  • njahmoon89


    10 anni fa

    When Gatusso becomes coach his players will give their 100% because otherwise Gatusso's gonna beat the shit out of them.

  • Professional Bob

    Professional Bob

    10 anni fa

    @V12Beats Ancelotti is the top man, Gattuso is the hit man :)