Highlights | Rio Ave v AC Milan: the penalty shoot-out

Pubblicato il 30 set 2020
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The penalty shootout might have seemed never-ending but we’re through to the Europa League group stage. What a night!

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AC Milan
AC Milan
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  • AMoncayo


    Anno fa

    I was 18 yesterday... today I’m at least 34. Despite the stress, Forza Milan sempre!

  • Timothy Peters

    Timothy Peters

    Anno fa

    Who else had a 100 heart attacks during this game 😂😂

  • Rangga Alyansa Putra

    Rangga Alyansa Putra

    Anno fa

    When AC Milan scored: full of passion and happiness

  • aad ithya

    aad ithya

    Anno fa

    This is the funniest penalty shootout I've ever seem 😂😂😂

  • Munnawar Hashim

    Munnawar Hashim

    Anno fa

    I know goalkeepers aren't used to taking penalties, but those two were shocking.

  • Denny


    Anno fa




    Anno fa




    Anno fa

    Incredible luck on Milan part. I just hope that some players take playing in Europa League more seriously, because the opposition is going to get a lot harder from now on. Forza Milan

  • Mo Ab

    Mo Ab

    Anno fa

    I'm glad the match ended like that, because it does something with the mentality of the players and make you stronger. So even if it was a weaker team the players can learn a lot from it, and last but not least never underestimate opponents.

  • Hari Dwi Susanto

    Hari Dwi Susanto

    Anno fa

    Milan: "You go to the group stage."

  • Spooky Ghost

    Spooky Ghost

    Anno fa

    This was a banter era style win lol. Still can't believe what I witnessed today. Probably the best penalty shootout I have witnessed live. Forza Milan!

  • dirkbogarde44


    Anno fa

    That's the most amazing penalty shoot out I've ever seen.

  • JadoLive - ANIL

    JadoLive - ANIL

    Anno fa

    Ho preso fiato mentre guardavo

  • cheetofingers77


    Anno fa

    Unbelievably lucky this penalty shootout 😂

  • Fan Wang

    Fan Wang

    Anno fa

    I love how emotional this commentator was with Milan and completely opposite (emotionless) with the other team in each goal they scored. Very funny to watch. Milan was SUPER lucky, still alive after every goal they missed. Neither team wanted to win lol.

  • Gianluca Borg

    Gianluca Borg

    Anno fa

    My heart stopped every time he stayed silent on their shots, and on our. When we missed those metal bangs were magical. The last two scream were awesome. Our happiness United us at that moment all together.

  • 6rey6kie6


    Anno fa

    One of the most stressful shoot-outs in one of the most stressful years. Glad we won, but let's do it easier next time guys. I only have one heart afterall.

  • Superleague Mixes

    Superleague Mixes

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  • Timothy Peters

    Timothy Peters

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  • Angelo


    Anno fa

    Commentator when opponent scored : gol