Highlights | Giroud does the double | AC Milan 2-1 Panathinakos

Pubblicato il 13 ago 2021
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The from the friendly in Trieste which saw the Frenchman score a brace.

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AC Milan
AC Milan
Commenti: 1 411  
  • Saadat Alim

    Saadat Alim

    Giroud is gonna be such a big impact on our team this season

  • light case

    light case

    Assist from Tomori, scored by Giroud= big thank you Chelsea

  • Rizal Harjo

    Rizal Harjo

    I love The way Giroud headed the ball in his second goal.

  • jutka


    Giroud is magnificant. He was always very underrated player.

  • Johm  zom

    Johm zom

    I said it before, Giroud is good player, always there when needed. some Milan fans were sceptical about it, now don't expect him to score 20+ goals but he'll help the team

  • Jean Marcel Degui

    Jean Marcel Degui

    Merci Giroud continue comme ça j’ai toujours confiance en toi quelque soit l’équipe que tu croise je crois toujours en toi



    Giroud was always so underrated, even in his NT people still thinks he was useless most of the time but everyone who have eyes and brain know it isn't true, he will surely help Milan

  • Aidy Gooner

    Aidy Gooner

    I can't wait to see his near post finishes in a Milan shirt. He was underrated at my club (Arsenal) but now he's got the respect he deserves, especially after what he's achieved since leaving my club.

  • taktongtong


    giroud’s second goal is a work of art. not many know the skill it takes to give the ball enough backspin & slowly roll into the net 👏

  • sunnyhvar1992


    That second goal is magical 😄

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin

    Giroud is a goal getter. I admit . I applauded the first goal. But the 2nd goal, i was shocked how he managed to head that ball.

  • Eusebio Antony

    Eusebio Antony

    Giroud is going to shine this season!😀

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    I'm a Chelsea fan and watch Girud and Tomori playing that well makes me feel very proud

  • Mebrahtom Gebremeskel

    Mebrahtom Gebremeskel

    Giroud is the most underrated striker. I am very sure that he gonna score more than 20 goals this season if he star regularly.

  • Saif RS

    Saif RS

    Hopefully he carries this form through the season

  • HD b4 highdefinition

    HD b4 highdefinition

    When all said Giroud is an awful player I liked the transfer and I said to them that he gonna be great in our club and seeing this 2 goals was a gift thank you Giroud

  • Yasser Polanco

    Yasser Polanco

    I'm a Chelsea fan and watch Girud and Tomori playing that well makes me feel very proud

  • Kingsley Chimaobi

    Kingsley Chimaobi

    So proud of Giroud....All the best man. This is one of the players I like.

  • yudhi yuliandra

    yudhi yuliandra

    Giroud will gives you another dimention to play football. He's simply one of best target man out there. Hope he will take Milan to the top. Good Luck. Love from Chelsea fan 💙

  • Ghezlane Abouhaouari

    Ghezlane Abouhaouari

    Giroud senso della posizione,carisma ed esperienza.