Highlights | AC Milan 3-2 Bodø/Glimt | Europa League Third Preliminary Round

Pubblicato il 23 set 2020
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A Çalhanoğlu brace and Colombo first see us through to the Europa League Playoff

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AC Milan
AC Milan
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  • Ibrahima Ba

    Ibrahima Ba

    Anno fa

    Calhanoglu is a real number 10 now even a leader in this team two goals one assist definitely MVP

  • En Güzel İlahiler Kervanı

    En Güzel İlahiler Kervanı

    Anno fa

    Çalhanoğlu Gibi Adamlar Ülkede Zor Yetişir :(

  • Arif Oz

    Arif Oz

    Anno fa

    Maşallah yazam nazar etmesinler bizim uşağa💪💪💪

  • Ivan Moza

    Ivan Moza

    Anno fa

    The second goal .. really wanna cry to see that goal, a world class play, credits to Calhanoglu , FORZA MILAN!

  • NewYork Fiend

    NewYork Fiend

    Anno fa

    Calhanoglu is by far the best AC Milan player after the restart.

  • Eirik Stave

    Eirik Stave

    Anno fa

    What a performance from Bodø/Glimt!!!

  • Mehmet Temel

    Mehmet Temel

    Anno fa

    Çalhanoğlu playing incredıble. Like world stars. He is already world star😉

  • Manuel M.

    Manuel M.

    Anno fa

    Facts: Calhanoglu è sempre stato un giocatore forte. Semplicemente ora gioca nel suo ruolo naturale e prima no.

  • Murat Ozata

    Murat Ozata

    Anno fa

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu kardeşim senin ayağına taş değmesin Allah senden razı olsun bizi gururlandiriyorsun Allah seni nazarlardan saklasın adamsın.

  • Only_R4ff4


    Anno fa

    Calhanoglu is epic! ❤️🖤❤️🖤

  • Matthieu C

    Matthieu C

    Anno fa

    What a goal from Çalhanoglu ! He's coming back with his top form !

  • Ale Cera

    Ale Cera

    Anno fa

    Hakan Calhanoglu.

  • Donato


    Anno fa


  • Mehmet


    Anno fa


  • João Victor

    João Victor

    Anno fa

    I've been a AC Milan fan since 2009 and I will be forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 FORZA MILAN, SEMPRE MILAN

  • Chuy Cisneros

    Chuy Cisneros

    Anno fa

    Both teams did a great game, that's why I trust in this Milan, and also that's the reason why the Bodø guys are the Eliteserien leaders.

  • pakcom


    Anno fa

    Zlatan Calhanoglu played very well today!

  • Enes Teke

    Enes Teke

    Anno fa

    Helal Hakan başarıların son bulmasın inşallah 💪🇹🇷💛❤

  • Sercan Yanik

    Sercan Yanik

    Anno fa

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu has more to this team amazing number 10

  • Gianfranco Varela

    Gianfranco Varela

    Anno fa

    What a player is Hauge! 👏👏👏